who or what controls your life?

Nothing is more powerful than asking yourself the above question. Maybe the answer depends on where the question is asked? Maybe it’s okay not to be responsible for what’s happening in your life for a while. But for all times when your answer is that the control is not yours and you want that responsibility back, consider getting help from a coach.

As a coach I help you to overcome “small” and big obstacles, to make choices, to let go so that you can move forwards. To take a look inside and discover who you are, what you want and how you get there, to find the motivation for change.

Let go of fear, anxiety and stress

Fear is a very useful and natural emotion that helps you to avoid danger. The same applies to stress: stress is giving you extra energy and focus to complete a task, but what if excessive anxiety and stress take over your life?

Unnecessary fears and phobias arise from scary or unexpected events, or from what you have learned from home. Ongoing stress causes the nervous system responsible for the fight and flight response to be overactive, it is continuously turned on. This takes an unnecessary amount of energy and you cannot keep it up. You can even develop fears for everyday situations, which can be a serious hindrance in your life.

Take back your freedom! Gain clarity on where the tension comes from. Learn to let it go by relaxation, living in the here and now, strengthening your self-confidence and belief in your own abilities and strength. Get back on firm ground. With timeline therapy and/or hypnosis we can disconnect the emotion from the event. We look for the cause of your fear and the best way to remove or control your fear. Learn how to prevent or how to deal with stress: what is the cause and where do we find the solution?

Stop unwanted habits

Now is the time to stop! Habits we want to get rid of; quit smoking once and for all, nail biting, shopping for the sake of shopping etc … It sounds so simple – just don’t do it again – and yet it is so difficult. You don’t want to, but you keep on doing it.

We often hold on to habits for years, for once they served a purpose: they gave you something to hold onto, social status, comfort, safety, you name it. Not anymore, the disadvantages no longer outweigh the benefits, your mind knows but your gut feeling, your subconscious brain clings to what always was. There is an underlying reason not to let go of this one habit.

You are in control! Discover the underlying fear, reason or emotion. Replace your old habit with a new strategy to meet this need or remove the reason. You will find the underlying reason, we can make the disadvantages stronger, or we can find out what the benefits are if you stop. In addition, you will look for an alternative strategy to satisfy the underlying fear, need or reason. It’s not just about quitting, it’s also about filling the void that has arisen, with a new, more helpful habit.

Move forward find your inner strength

Discover the unconscious saboteur. Most of our behavior, the choices we make, how we respond to a situation, is determined by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind prefers what it already knows, fixed rituals and ideas, even if they are no longer of use. We look for established patterns that give us something to hold on to and make us feel safe. 

There comes a time when we want or need to make changes. At these moments we can make conscious decisions, but without the cooperation of the subconscious mind it will be a daunting task to sustain these changes. Therefore, many changes are only temporary.

Find the way to your happiness! Get moving again, refute limiting ideas and connect your goals with your core values. Through coaching you discover which ideas or obstacles are holding you back, with hypnosis and 3 brains coaching we bring your conscious and subconscious into alignment. By looking at your core values ​​and connecting your goals with them, you will find the motivation to get moving again. Procrastination is a thing of the past, you are purposeful, confident and motivated to face the future.

We will go on a journey of discovery; we investigate your story and how you can give this story a better twist. Everything you need is already within you. You will find your self-confidence, self-esteem, love for yourself, you can set (new) goals and achieve them. Discover who you are and what you want, give direction and balance to your life.

A power boost

Do you need a mental boost why not take a boost session; this is a short session addressing only what you need at that moment. A boost in confidence, strengthening your “I can do it!”, a feeling of joy or just a moment of peace and mental relaxation. You may want to try out what it is like to be hypnotized. In this short session I only ask you 1 question, what do you need / what do you want more of, how does it feel for you and that is what will be in the hypnosis session. Think of it as a massage for your brain, relaxing and enriching energy.


Have you ever had the experience of driving in your car and suddenly you are there, but you have no idea how you did that….. well that is a form of trance. Every time we are in a deed conversation with someone, we are in a trance….. It is a relaxing experience, you are still aware but in a non-judgemental way.

Only if you want to. Even in the deepest hypnotic state you are still in control. You are more open to new suggestions but you still decide!

Yes, but some people are more susceptible and might go in a deeper trance easily. However you don’t need to go in a deep trance to get great results! 

No, hypnosis and NLP are methods to open your mind for new perspectives and options. It doesn’t change you as a person, the only person who can change you, is you!

You do have the solution to your problems and without your issue you will be a different person but it is all up to you. 

Everything that makes your live less than pleasurable is a problem. It is for no one to judge what is an issue for you or not, if it reduces your happiness it is time to do something about it. Sometimes it is not clear what the issue is, in that case we will take time to figure out what is holding you back from having the life that you want.