During the sessions I work with different techniques, tailored to your question or objective. Through this personal approach you achieve what you want to achieve in a way that suits you best. All techniques require a great deal of visualisation and willingness to investigate and to change; I guide you but you are the one doing the work. Because of this we find the solution that suits you, you have my full attention, I listen without judgment and you are the centre of attention. The focus is on the future, not the past.


Your values are what is most important to you, what gets you excited, where you get inspiration from and how you can find your true destination. It is not the definition of our social ethics and values, as integrity, helpfulness, everything you put a should in front … or I have to … is not in line with your core value. Values function as a kind of compass, everything you do that is in accordance with this internal compass gives you energy, you do it with pleasure, gives you satisfaction.

In our society we rarely find the freedom and or time to think about our own choices. If you live by someone else’s values, the feeling of missing something sneaks upon you, even though you have everything you could wish for, you’re not happy. Discover what your values are, link what you do with these values and you live a life full of motivation, enthusiasm and satisfaction.


Hypnosis brings you into a higher state of inner focus. Our consciousness is more relaxed and the subconscious is open to new ideas. Hypnotherapy uses direct and indirect suggestions, stories and metaphors that can lead to new insights or that challenge existing ideas and habits.

During hypnosis you are always in control, your critical thinking is still aware but takes a relaxed attitude. The subconscious listens to the stories and suggestions and picks up what is needed at that moment. Barriers can be removed or you rediscover the resources and strength that help you move forward. Hypnotherapy can be used for many purposes, remember that 90% of what we do is determined by our subconscious mind, so if we get agreement with what we want here it will happen.

3-brains coaching

The name says it all, we work with the 3 brains, the head, heart and gut brain. Awareness of and communication with logical thinking, empathy and intuitive/instinctive action. With hypnotherapy we work with the subconscious mind, the outcome of which is determined by what the subconscious accepts or releases. With 3-brains coaching we work purposefully to improve communication between the 3 brains and to remove any blockages.

It has been proven that there is an extensive neural network around our heart and gut. From an evolutionary point of view, these have been invaluable to survive as a species. Our actions are still largely regulated by these neural networks. The main task of the gut is to keep us safe and the heart allows us to make meaningful connections with others. Of course, our brain is the mastermind, the predictor of the future, the counsellor.

With 3-brains coaching we look at the extent to which the 3 brains work together and we give each brain the opportunity to “speak out” and negotiate with the other brains so that any imbalance can be repaired. Your mind, feelings and intuition will be brought in harmony again.

Time line therapy

A fast and effective method to release negative emotions and beliefs from the past and to absorb new insights. Or to get a clear picture of how you can achieve your future goal. All our experiences are stored by our subconscious mind in a chronological order, a timeline is created. Time line therapy is a method where you go back to your past floating above your own timeline or look ahead to the future.

We all carry around certain emotions and beliefs from the past. By going back to the first event when we experienced a certain emotion and as it were floating above it, we can discover what we can learn from this experience and thereby let go of the emotion. Then we go back over the timeline to see if we can let go of this emotion in all subsequent events. We can also do this for limiting beliefs. In addition, we can place a target in the future and float back to see what we need to do to achieve this goal, because you have already reached your goal, you know exactly how you have overcome the obstacles along the way.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)

Rewiring your thought patterns will change your behavior or response to certain stimuli. NLP has been developed to make new connections in the neural network of emotions, thoughts and behavior. It is based on the assumption that the programming in our brain has a certain structure. In NLP we do not change the thought, but the structure of our thinking.

This allows us to escape from the vortex that keeps us trapped in old thinking patterns, emotions and behavior. We work with imagination and visualisations to achieve this, because our subconscious mind does not distinguish between real and imaginary images. It is a particularly effective method of breaking through unconscious strategies and creating new structures in our thinking, overcoming fears and leaving bad habits behind.