"Change your Thought and you change your world"

Who am I?

I am Paula van Miert, I have always had a strong feeling for who I am, but the question of what I want, what my destination is, what I really live for has long been unclear.

Life was easy, with some obstacles that shook me up for a moment. Moments of pain and uncertainty where I had to make conscious choices, where I relied on my inner strength; be who I am, take up the challenge and learn from it. Knowing deep down that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. A few years ago I had another moment of choice and this time I made a drastic decision.

I no longer hide behind shyness; I want to contribute to the wellbeing of the people around me. No longer working anonymously in a laboratory hoping for a discovery that contributes to medical knowledge and progress. No, I want to be a mentor, inspirator and guide for everyone who wants to take responsibility for his or her own life.

Discover who you are and what you want and you overcome the obstacles you encounter. Everything you need is within you. I was a scientist, now I am a hypnotherapist and coach, but I am also just Paula. I am here to guide you so that you can find your strength again, because whatever your story is, now is the time to rewrite it, now is the beginning of a new future.


It is all about you! I will listen to you, I will challenge you. There are enough people in your life who tell you what you should do. My only mission is for you to discover all your options, fulfilling your true desires.


I see a world where people can be who they are. Where we find happiness, purpose and love within ourselves. The core of being human is the alibility to make choices, in our true perfect imperfection. We are all good enough!